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Text to Binary converter allows you to translate English text to Binary Code. Basic to use online tool which instantly converts each word and letter of a string into Binary data. Enter your text characters in the input field below. Use the [Binary to Text Converter] to reverse conversion.

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What is Binary Code?

Binary Code is the foundation of computing. It is a computer's way to represent information in the form of 0s and 1s ( 01100101, 01101100 ). Each digit or bit in binary number represents on or off state in electronic, 0 for off and 1 for on, It is the basic block of all digital data. All instructions given to computer are in this code. This language will tell computer processor to process, transmit and store data. This is fundamental language which software, operating system and hardware understands. It operates on Base-2 system, opposite of base-10, where each position represent a power of 2 instead of 10.

Use of ASCII Text System

Binary Text becomes very complex for large information or instructions but today's digital world can not run without this. There many other encoding options used like hexadecimal and ASCII. ASCII encoding is another example, which assigns a unique numeric value (between 0 and 127) to each character, allowing computers to respond accordingly.

Convert Text to Binary Code Online

It one of the best text to binary converter online. Enter text into above input field and It'll immediately convert English to binary digits. This English to binary translator works on every device and browse. It also converts special characters, symbols and spaces to binary string. Click the copy button and share it anywhere you want.

Text to Binary Converter

You can convert words to binary manually. Use conversion table below and change each alphabet from English to binary code. Its simple, right? but its quite time taking you can use any online binary code converter like our Text to Binary translator.

English to Binary Number Conversion Table

Use this table to convert text into binary. It is the same data used in out online text to binary converter:

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